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We have been providing renovation and remodeling services in the North-Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 10 years.

If you have plans of building an addition or renovating, like remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, install hardwood flooring, finish you basement, making it an entertainment place with a movie theater and a bar, we can convert your house into the home of your dreams.

We know how to honor our customers' wishes. We can give expert advice and insights as to how we can design a project according to your budget and desires.

Before starting to renovate, we will make an estimate of your requirements. We offer all our customers an in-home consultation.

Here we can make sure that the planned improvements will be in keeping with your décor and give advice on problems particular to your home.

We use only the latest technology to implement design and bring it to completion. We are proficient in using the best building products to produce the best possible results.

That way we can be sure of achieving our foremost objective - satisfied customers, of whom we already have dozens in North-Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.